Thursday, February 17, 2011

Annie had her first sleepover! Her friend Chloe (from our days in Southie) spent the night with us last weekend while her mama had a much needed night to herself. It was amazing! The girls had such a great time together. There was only one melt down! Annie was mad that she wasn't allowed to sleep in the sleeping bag and Chloe got to. Her room just isn't big enough between the crib and her bed, so she had to suffer through the night in her lovely bed. We did turn her around so she was sleeping with her head at the other end of the bed. Anyway, the girls got up REALLY early, so I decided that we would make Valentines cookies! It was really fun...until the frosting time came. Each girl proudly frosted 3 cookies each and then declared the rest would be mine!! Such generous girls, don't you think?
The boys handled the extra estrogen in stride!
This is just a taste of what happens in the Camarata household on weekends! I really do love not having traditional TV!!


Saying that we got lots of snow this winter could be the biggest understatement of the year! We have enjoyed it every time the amazing white stuff flew through the sky, but I think we've had enough! I tried to capture just what we've been dealing with in photos.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brotherly love

Brenden has become an active participant in helping with Wesley. Yes from time to time I ask Bren to help out, but Brenden often takes the lead. His new favorite Wes activity is feeding time. Wes loves to be with Brenden and this is just one more way for them to bond. It's truly amazing to see Bren and Wes together!
This is what makes my heart melt!


We are in the middle of a heavy snow season. We have gotten a tremendous amount this year and are trying to enjoy it all!! Brenden has been in little boy heaven! He's made an amazing snowman with the kit that Sandy and Papa got him for Christmas and had a great time taking thousands of pictures of it! We've been sledding, on walking adventures around the neighborhood, and making tons of snow angles. Unfortunately, winter has taken another turn! The temperature has dropped making it too cold to play in the wonder and mother nature has dumped so much snow that the kids (not really Brenden) have a hard time getting through it all. We have so much snow now that you can't see our fence!! Have I told you that I love winter?!

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