Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bath Time

Bath time, most nights, is a hectic time. This was a rare night indeed. Brenden and Annie don't take baths anymore...they're too big for that! But as soon as I put Wes in, they jumped at the chance to get in on the "fun".

On a side note...when will I ever be able to get all 3 of them looking at me at the same time? What do I have to do????


  1. Cite kids please add more pictures

  2. Are you stupid, or do you hate your kids? A google image search for "bath time" brought up your page with your nude children for all the world to see. As a pedophile, I like to see nude kids, but probably not for reasons you would like or appreciate. Am I sick and perverted? Yes. Should I see your kids nude? No. But, you posted them here. How do you know how many people like me have looked at them, and saved the images to their hard drives? Do your kids a favor and think. Protect them from people like me. You're their mother. For God's sake, don't attract the perverts to your door.

  3. love to see annie stand up and show her p-ssy

  4. Post more pics of your kids naked that's so fuckim sexy you should grey naked with them and take a picture and post it on here


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