Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Phil and Ted

This is my new stroller!!! Troy and I saw them in Chicago a while back and totally made fun of them, but when we needed to replace our other double stroller this was the one I went to. Why, you might ask? Well because I hate side-by-side strollers! I think they are inconsiderate and too big to take anywhere but outside on a huge path! This one is amazing!!! I can push it with one hand with both little kids in it! The bottom seat is really easy to take on and off for a single rider. My only complaint is the sun shade is a bit small, but I bet you can buy a bigger one! This made the trip to FL with us and I am ever so grateful to my dad for getting it for me!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our story

Troy and I met at college 16 years ago this August. Boy and girl meet at a BBQ, say few words and part ways. The next day however, I was yelling at the mail kiosk for not dispensing my change (while standing in a Florida rain) when Troy walked by. He claims to have said hello, but I was really involved with the machine and didn't hear him! He continued on his way but stopped and turned around to come to my aid. Now this is where I believe that something special took place because if you know Troy, this behavior is totally out of character. Normally he would have just kept on walking, but not that day. On this day he took the step forward (or backwards) to me. To be honest the rest of our conversation is a blur to me, but we learned that we both had the meal plan and decided it was safer to eat together instead of all alone. For the next 6 months, we ate dinner together. Our relationship was based on a strong friendship that blossomed into something deeper.
7 years after that fateful rainy afternoon, Troy asked me to marry him in the very spot where our friendship began. The kiosk is long gone, but the spot where our story began is still there. And so 16 years later, we stand with 3 amazing children and a love that is deep and true.

Florida Trip

At the beginning of the month, we flew down to Orlando for an extended weekend. Lana and Alan picked us up and we trucked over to our home for the weekend. We went to Disney the following morning and had a blast! It was hot and humid, but the kids did really well. I was the one with the patience problem (who knew?) and not the kids. Anyway, we rode all our favorite ride in the morning, headed home for lunch and naps, and then back to Disney for dinner and fireworks. It really is a magical place to be!! Brenden was excited to re-ride the rides from 2 years ago that frightened him and this time he was ever so cool. Annie also did a great job! Come to find out, Wes does not do well with loud noises and we had to switch out adults for some Wes time. It really was an awesome day.

After a day at Disney, we drove up to UCF. This is special to Troy because this is where we first met (another post). The bench that the family is sitting on is the bench near our special place (get your minds outta the gutter people).

Really can you get any cuter?!

This is the second time we have traveled to this magical land in Florida and we owe it all to Lana and Alan. They missed us so much that they flew us down and had an amazing weekend planned for us. We had to do nothing but fly!!! There really aren't enough words of gratitude in my vocabulary to express how thankful I am for these 2 people! They have loved us for the past 16 years and been there for us always! I know that if I ever needed anything, all I have to do is call. They see past my impatience and structure and love me in spite of it all. Thank you Lana and Alan, I love you!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wesley has been growing like a weed! We recently gave him rice cereal to help him grow. I know it seems early (he's 5 months), but he's been "acting" hungry. The boy watches every morsel that goes into our mouths and so I decided to give it a try! It was a very different experience from the older two! Wes loved it right from the beginning! There was very little drooling and pushing it out of his mouth. He made a couple faces, but it was temporary. Enjoy...

Brenden has been experimenting with our camera. These are just a few of his shots. I love that he is looking to explore in any way he can!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I know it's really summer when the car is packed and we head out on a road trip. Well, this year I took the trip without Troy. The kids and I piled into the van and headed out for Pennsylvania. Yes, it was a long trip. Wes was still nursing about every 2 hours so we had to stop often, but I think it actually was better for all of us. Our first stop was in Hershey, PA. We met Sandy, Megan, Natalie, and Heather for some girl/kid fun. We had a really great time!Her are just a few of the pics!

Annie's first official ride of any sort!! She was a little apprehensive at first but absoulutely loved it!

Bren being a good sport for his sister!

After Hershey, we caravaned down to DuBois, PA to spend a few days with my Grammy. Papa joined us there for some much needed Papa time! To those of you who don't know, Dubois is in the middle of nowhere and Grammy lives on what used to be a lot of land. The kids have free reign and can go almost anywhere. This year a bear had been giving Grammy some trouble, so the kids had to stay close. HOWEVER, Brenden still managed to climb on the roof!!! I was at the movies while Papa had all three for the first time (it's tough people). Anyway, while Bren was on his little adventure he managed to get stung by a bee. No biggy, but really never a dull moment when the Camarata's are near!

This is the highlight of Bren's trip to PA! He got to ride with Papa on his bike. He loved it and can not stop (much to this mama's dismay) talking about which bike he plans to buy when he's old enough. We continue to discuss just how old is "enough"!

Grammy with all 3! It is amazingly hard to get all 3 to smile or even look at the camera at the same time!

It was a long trip back by myself and I've learned something new about each one of my children...Bren will climb anything he can, Annie can not be rushed at a rest stop unless you want to make another trip 15 minutes later, and Wes is pretty easy going right now! An amazing trip!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's just a bag...right?

This is (or was) my beloved baby bag. My dad bought it for me after Annie was born. It has gone everywhere with me and served me well. It's a standard bag: 2 pockets on the ends for bottles or cups, a large outside pocket, 3 inside pockets and a long strap that fit onto any stroller. It held almost anything I put into it and looked good while I carried it. About a month ago, I visited our new Very Bradley store just to scope things out . I got to talking with a sales girl. She noticed my bag and I got to talking with her about how great a bag it is. I did mention that it was starting to come apart at some of the corners and on the strap and was maybe looking to replace it but couldn't find another bag. She smiled and said, "Pick a bag Rebecca and I'll replace yours." Yes, by this time Erin and I were on a first name basis and she was not kidding around!! I laughed playfully at her but could not give up my bag! To say I was emotionally attached to my bag was hitting the nail on the head! After about an hour, yes I had all three kids with me and they had gone through all y water and snacks, I walked out feeling shaken and unsure. Give up my bag!? All my family said I was ridiculous. Hm...maybe a tad but, but I loved my bag! After a long night, I went back and traded my bag in ! Erin even cut out the pockets from the old bag so I could have them!!!

Well, here is my new bag! It just went on a rather long trip and it is just as good as the other bag! Thanks Erin!!

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