Sunday, September 12, 2010

Birthday Party

One bonus of the kids' birthdays being just 3 days apart is joint parties! So... This enormous jumpy house was delivered around 9:30am the day of the party. It was/is amazing! It can hold up to 1000lbs so you better believe that the parents had their go-around in it! We had it all morning before out guests arrived for the fun. Simply joyful!! The families and their children joined us for a jumping, Lego building, bubble blowing, good 'ol fashioned birthday party. It was a beautiful day! It was cool with bright blue skies. The cakes, ordered by Troy, were a hit! Kids running all around playing and laughing made for good fun!

I will tell you that this mama was stressed. You see, this was my first official birthday party! I wanted it to run smoothly and be a great time for my kiddos. Well, it was! High five to this mama and dad!!

Victory..even though we don't keep score

Brenden is now a soccer player!! Yesterday was his first game. He was psyched! He and his teammates practiced before the game. Brenden kept stopping to smile and wave or give us a thumbs up. The game proceeded and for these proud parents was thrilling. It was a typical game of seven year-olds chasing the ball around a miniature sized field, BUT it was exciting. Now for this competitive mama it was hard not to scream and yell the whole time. I did manage to control myself...most of the time. My son the soccer star scored 2 goals and had an assist! Because the kids are so young, we don't keep score and their are no goal tenders. However, we won 6-4!!!!

Brenden and his soccer buddies!

Whatever, just a soccer game right?! Afterwards, Brenden was elated!!

Presious moments

Last weekend my youngest and I flew to Pa for my cousin's wedding and a (many) trip to the Canfield fair. I had an amazing time with my family! Shane and I bonded over BBQ nachos (the BEST), Heather and I had some much needed sister time, and I got to share my wonderful son with my family. As I sat on the flight home holding Wes as he slept, I couldn't help but become weepy. You see, I have been blessed with the most amazing father and that is a tribute to his amazing mother. My 88 year old Grammy is one of the most incredible people I know. She has had a tough couple of years but is still stomping through life with a smile. To see her with Wes is a blessing! They shared some incredibly special moments throughout the weekend.
There are not enough words to express my father. He was a typical father while I grew up and when my mom passed, he stepped in to fill her shoes as best as he could. He is both compassionate and loving while being stern and protective. He would do anything to keep his family loved. I am truly the luckiest girl around to have him as mine!

First day of school

Yes it has been 2 weeks since Brenden started school and I have just gotten around to posting his pictures...

Well, I'm not really sure how we got here. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was riding the train on my way to the hospital to deliver him?! I simply can not believe that my boy is in 1st grade at Flaherty Elementary School! He is in Ms. Regan's class. He loves going to school and does his homework without prompting...for now. I will tell you that I was worried about my boy. He was really nervous and concerned about making friends. He is a sensitive young one with a volatile temper. I worried that Ms. Reagan would not understand him and nobody would like him. I know...crazy mutterings from a nervous mama. So far, so good..

teacher vs. mama

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