Saturday, November 27, 2010

What do you think?

Family resemblance? Annie on left with Troy and Wes on right...

This is where we are people! Wes has decided that crawling for 5 weeks just isn't enough for him. This is he and I doing chores.

I was doing dishes to turn to put one more thing in the dishwasher to find my little one "helping". I was not ready for this. So we moved on to laundry. I placed him in his crib while I folded clothes. I kid you not, I turned around to find him standing dangerously in his crib. I screamed, he laughed. Needlessly to say, he now resides in a lowered crib.

He's also made the move from our room to Annie's room. I must say that this is a hard transition for me! Last night was the first night we were apart. He did really well. He woke me up with a call, not yelling, and smiled as I walked in. He didn't even wake Annie! I woke up around 7ish to find our door closed (not usual). I headed out to investigate. I found all 3 kids in Annie's room with Annie coloring (her new passion) and Brenden dumping all of Wes's toys into his crib (he's not allowed to get him out). They were prepared to play while I slept on!! I have amazing kids!!


Brenden has been amazing with Wesley. Now that Wes can crawl, he follows Brenden around the house and waits at the baby gate for Bren to return from the basement. It's really cute to watch! However, like everything there has been some touch and go moments. Brenden forgets to close his door and Wes wanders in to chew on anything Bren left on the floor...everything! Brenden has even gone so far as to tell me that if he leaves everything on the floor, Wes won't crawl in. Which is why his room is a mess! Really?! It's all too cute! Here's Brenden's solution. He built the "wall" of pillows thinking Wes would just play happily on the other side...not so much.

Soccer Season

Brenden's soccer season has come to an end. He had a great first time out playing! He scored some goals, they lost a game and won a handful, and most importantly Brenden made new friends. Til next year...

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