Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1 year later

Wes and his tree one year later. The tree is finally filling out. Wes has had a big year. He has learned to crawl, walk, run, sign, speak, yell, laugh, throw a ball, hit a baseball with a bat (nope, not lying), eat solids, feed himself, and express his very own opinions. Simply amazing...

Can you believe that this is my little girl and her big tree? Annie continues to amaze me. This year she has learned how to write her name as well as the entire family, ride her bike, spell, sign, roll her eyes at her mama, scream at her older brother, give the warmest hugs, eat 2 slices of pizza, and love with the sincerest generosity. She has also learned that she loves hotels, painting her fingernails, pools in hotels, and singing and dancing in front of an audience. What have we created?!

This is my first born and his huge tree. He has had a tremendous year! He has learned to read chapter books as fast as I can give them to him, ride his bike without the training wheels, write the most creative stories, build almost anything his mind can imagine, created amazing friendships, and that he really does want to be an architect. I am continuously blown away by this boy!

Independence Day...a little late

Our Independence Day started with a picnic lunch on the Common (Boston Common) and ended with a little dip in Frog Pond. What a wonderful city to be in for the celebration! We had a great time watching the "actors" for the reenactment, but Annie and Wes flipped out when the guys started shooting! Brenden was in a little piece of heaven! Wes and Annie are definitely flight kinda kids.

I do believe that Wes has got the swimming gene! The water was about 6 inches deep and it was cool and refreshing. The kids had a blast running (which is against the rules) and frolicking about.
Go colonials!!!

BOO Redcoats!

teacher vs. mama

It is no wonder that often I am caught between being a mother and being a teacher. I have said many times that I can not do both well at the...