Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mom's day

Today is my mother's birthday and instead of paying tribute to her, I pay tribute to a truly amazing person that my mom gave just to me. I am truly blessed to have my sister Heather. I know I have written about her in the past, but this sister of mine continues to amaze me. A couple of weekends ago, she flew up to Boston to be with me and the kids as we traveled west to visit with dad and Sandy. Before she even made it to my house and after flying here, she walked into my classroom and helped me with a very special group of kids without prompting. Then she helped me pack enough food (my kids eat copious amounts of food) for our 15 hour trip in the car. She had no idea of what she was getting into. I know my kids and wouldn't dare ask anyone to be stuffed into a car for 15 hours with them and she did this all with excitement in her eyes! Can you imagine?! During the trip she NEVER hesitated to make bathroom runs with Annie, feed strawberries to Wes, and help Brenden sound out words. I know this doesn't sound like much BUT...Annie has yet to figure out how to go 1 & 2 at the same time SO we're stopping A LOT, Wes is only eating strawberries and can eat a ton of them at a time, and Brenden was reading a nonfiction book about dinosaurs. Heather took care of my kids while keeping me laughing until my inner horse came out! I can not say enough about this woman who is MY sister. So on this day when I would normally be sad, I celebrate my sister because of who she is, continues to be, and who she reminds me of.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Break

This past week was Spring Break for us! I planned a fabulous drive out to visit with dad and Sandy. We arrived (the trip warrants a post all to itself) and the fun began! My dad and Sandy made each on eof my kids feel very special each and every day we were there! We went to the Chidren's Museum on a rainy day, spent hours at the Air Force Museum with Roo and Uncle Shane (Brenden had Shane all to himself!), Easter egg hunting, tons of fun laughing with family, hours of trampoline jumping, and plain old fashioned family fun. It is times like these that remind me just how lucky I am!

Lake of the Ozarks Camping

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