Thursday, April 4, 2013

Loss of innocence

So Bren has been struggling with the whole idea of Santa, the tooth fairy, and the Easter bunny. He says he's just not sure that they are real. He has some very valid points. I mean, we all know that these guys don't exist but that's where the magic comes in. He is so much like Troy. He has to be able to prove it in order to believe it. I have been gearing up for "the talk" but I don't think i am the girl for the job. I want my little boy to just be able to believe for a few more years! I will think of something good and keep you updated. Just know that this mama is sad and excited for my boy...
So I have been a little (a lot) remiss in updating my blog. I am sorry. I just didn't think that people checked it. So, I'm back and will try to stay as current as possible!

Most recent has been our Easter. Despite a few setbacks, Wes had to go to the clinic because of pink eye and our power went out for a couple of hours, we had a lovely day! The kids dyed eggs the night before and we had a Easter egg hunt after the sugary breakfast wore off! I will download pictures as soon as possible!

teacher vs. mama

It is no wonder that often I am caught between being a mother and being a teacher. I have said many times that I can not do both well at the...